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It's not easy to explain who I am, especially for a person like me, who does not love to show off and is hardly able to speak about himself. What about my past as driver? I started when I was very young, and as everybody does, I began driving kart. It wad an amazing period : I was only 15 years old and all I wanted was to have fun. But then, the game became more and more serious; A lot of new challenges, with more and more demanding and powerful cars. I have wonderful memories about this period, besides two national titles. What's then? The turning point. At the age of 28 , I put my helmet and my driver suit into the closet, but my heart was still beating for racing. I've passed from the steering wheel to a desk, but always staying around motors. In 1995, without any great expectations, I embarked upon a new project as a team manager, with a lot of projects and many difficulties to face; as usual.

The first competition was the Supertouring championship. A major challenge. From then on, many other championships to manage, a crowd of people to work with, and a lot of winning and lots of satisfactions to be thankful for. The Maserati Trophy and the contribute towards the debut of the MC 12 in FIA GT championship. 2005 was still devoted to Maserati. In 2006 with AF Corse, I lined up two F430 GT2. The most important challenge Ihave had as a team manager. An hard, challenging and touching year : but in November on my desk there were the prizes for the GT2 team and for the GT2 drivers, but overall a great contribution for the Ferrari car manufacturer title. In 2007 the same success was repeated: once again we took part in the FIA GT with two Ferrari, and once again we were doubly awarded. The 2008 season finished at best: AF Corse is FIA GT2 Champion. In 2009 once again AF Corse had a very great season. With a race in advance the team won the team title. Instead this 2010 year starts with a new challenge: line up three F430 in the Le Mans Series championship. And this is only the start

The 2011 season is great: AF Corse won all that is possible: Interncontinental Le Mans Cup with the new Ferrari 458 Italia GT2, the Le Mans Series, the Fia GT3 championship, the GT Sprint and the ECC. The team, once again, did a wonderful work: the results arrived.

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